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I created some repeatable textures in Adobe Photoshop that I will be able to use for my scenes. I kept this fairly straightforward by having plenty of reference that I gathered of the moor with closeup photos. I combined these with the reference photos I took of the Arnish Moor Man’s clothing – using the textures on his woollen clothing.

Above: realistic textures

Below: textures now softened

I created these to be able to paint over my landscape using the landscape painting tools in Unreal Engine 4. I found that the textures looked too realistic compared to my stylised grass, and modified the textures slightly further in Photoshop to look more painterly. I was able to change the scale of these 1k maps in Unreal to maintain a more painted. Blotchy appearance on the surface of the ground.

The photogrammetry aspect of this project has been challenging – I’ve run into several issues with Agisoft trying to align and merge chunks. I have ran the cameras through several different ways with various settings, and run photos together in separate chunks to see if it likes that better. I think for the 3D printing side of things, I will need to create the two separate chunks that will then be aligned together in Zbrush. For the final digital 3D model, I will try my best to align them in Agisoft Metashape, and speak with the museum regarding how they want their models on their Sketchfab page.

I refined the look of my key shot in the film and finalized how I want the film to look. I also performed some tests with my 2D work to see how these will mesh together. I pinned down final things to fix with this shot as well – such as needing to bring more of the water back into the scene, how the clouds will work to enable the lighting, and how much movement will be involved.

Earlier test before colourscript and later research.

Improvement on this same shot. Things still to fix – grass/water near the foreground, cloud planes for the background, lighting and weather tests – which will correct the sharp shadow lines on the ground. Even though the earlier test had somewhat spookier colours, I feel this later test reflects the historical accuracy and dramatic tone of this moment in the story better.

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