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Ode to the Arnold Documentation, or, Yes, I Have Read It Before Bedtime

Updated: May 27, 2022

I've got numerous things I'm keen to try in Arnold! Like creating various shaders such as a crosshatching shader, or learn more about how nodes work in the Hypershade, particularly the mathematical ones that I still can't wrap my head around. The removing noise workflow has been a constant bookmark this semester after it was recommended to me by Sean. Another internet resource I've been using frequently is Arvid Schneider's youtube channel, where he covers lighting and rendering amazingly well.

Other resources I have been a fan of is Academic Phoenix Plus' youtube channel, which I recommended to Ellie as it's super 3D beginner friendly, and a book called Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting by Lee Lanier. This book covers lighting and colour concepts from an art history angle to begin with, before delving into creating differenet types of lighting in Maya. It's a slightly older book, but I feel it's so rare to find stuff about 3D and Maya that talks about art history that I just love it!

I've tried to post links to resources as I find them on the class Discord server. This means that not only can others in the class have a look and maybe it'll help, but it's also super easy for me to find again later. ;^)

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