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Updated: May 27, 2022

I've been quite concerned with making sure aspects of my film are accurate such as which insects would appear, which wildlife is around, and when plants would be out. Red grouse eggs are commonly found in April/May time, and this would line up with the two being out on the moors looking for eggs in pretty warm clothing. I did a lot of research into which critters I could use, such as butterflies or damselflies. I liked the idea of a red damselfly appearing in the film, as something that might stand out a little more and seem a little more ominous compared to a white butterfly. Sundews are also around in these months, so everything has lined up nicely for my animatic!

I want to use the environment as much as I can to tell the story where my characters can't. For this I'm keeping prey animals closer to the beginning, such as sheep and grouse. Towards the end of the story I'm incorporating more threatening creatures such as damselflies and eagles. I did look at if I could sneak a killer whale in at the very end, but I think I'd be pushing my luck a bit!

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