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Adventures with MASH

I've been thinking a lot about how I can use MASH for projects. I feel like every time I snoop online, there's something else it can make that I had never even considered. I've been looking at lots of tutorials regarding curves for making the streaking lights of stars passing the dog by in Rocket Dog, and found that curves can be used for modelling at plenty of other things. I want to try a test based on Olof Storm's wisps of air in this video as an idea for how I can show time passing during the transitional stage in my film. This would follow a very similar workflow to what I've done for the light streaks, and I have control of the material, so I don't necessarily need to have them solid and can play with the opacity and masks to create a less clean, solid look. The MASH curve node might also benefit me for creating those gaps in the land where peat has been cut away in lines.

Another option I have is to look at curves with Arnold - I was really interested in this in the documentation.

I'll also be looking at using MASH for the grass, which I've done some tests of already, and the raindrops in the two shots that are focused on the pond following this tutorial.

My steps for all this will be:

Grass - test getting wind working on it, following that make the final grass mesh I will be using.

Rain - test, if it doesn't work, try this tutorial based on particles instead.

Air - test using the work I've already made with Rocket Dog, play with the shaders and the speed. This one is lower priority as the scene might work perfectly fine without it.

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